Finding Dog-Friendly Lodges in Scotland

Dog-Friendly Lodges In Scotland

Finding dog-friendly lodges in Scotland can be a bit tricky at times. Let’s face it; our four-legged friends are part of the family, so why would we want to leave them at home while we go on our annual getaway?

For those who want to take pets along on our travels, there are many dog-friendly lodges in Scotland you can choose from. Start looking forward to long walks across the pristine Scottish Highlands during the day and then retreating to a range of dog-friendly cottages in Scotland with hot tubs to put your feet up and unwind in the evening.

A holiday exploring the Scottish Highlands is the perfect relaxing break for the whole family. At Highland Luxury Cottages, we have three luxury dog-friendly cottages that offer panoramic views of uninterrupted Scottish scenery.

Just because we love our pets doesn’t always mean they are the easiest to travel with; however, from our experience, there are a few simple tips that you can follow to ensure your holiday is stress-free and as relaxing as possible – for you and your pet.

Here are our tips for having the best dog-friendly holidays in Scotland.

Check that your holiday cottage is dog-friendly

Before even booking your holiday, you should first research that the cottages you’re looking at are dog friendly.

Most dog-friendly cottages in Scotland will clarify on their website if dogs are allowed. If you can’t find any information, we’d suggest contacting the host to double-check before making a booking.

Many holiday cottages may also have rules on the number of dogs you can bring or restrictions on where dogs are allowed, so make sure to read all information before planning your travels.

Be prepared for long car journeys.

Suppose you’re travelling to pet-friendly holiday cottages in Scotland. In that case, chances are you’ll have a pretty long car journey to get to your beautiful location, which won’t be a delightful experience for your dog.

Take regular breaks throughout your trip so your dog can stretch their legs, go to the toilet, and relax after being confined in the car for long periods.

You should also bring some water and a few treats for them along the way to keep them feeling as comfortable as possible.

Bring their favourite treats and toys.

To keep your dog in a good mood throughout the holiday, don’t forget to bring some of their favourite treats and toys along with you.

Being in a new environment can be stressful for dogs, especially if this is the first time you’re taking them away with you.

Bringing a range of toys to keep them distracted and occupied while they’re settling in can make a huge difference.

Make your holiday cottage as homely as possible.

It would help if you tried to make your dog-friendly holidays in Scotland like a home-away-from-home for your pet.

Especially when your pet first arrives at the lodge, they may feel unsettled and restless, so it’s a good idea to bring as many home comforts as possible.

Bring along their bed, blankets and other familiar items that will help them feel right at home in their new surroundings.

The last thing that we would want our dogs to feel is unhappy and worrying, especially when being on holiday and exploring a new area should be such an exciting experience for them!

When you first arrive at the lodge, you might want to keep them on a lead and slowly show them around the new house. You could also give them space to explore the surroundings themselves if you’d prefer.

The sooner they get used to the new surroundings, the sooner they’ll be able to settle – and so can you.

Keep to their usual routine.

Dogs are creatures of habit, so they might get stressed if their usual daily routine gets disrupted while on holiday.

Try to feed them at the same time as you usually would and stick to a regular time for walks so that they don’t get anxious.

Dog-friendly plan activities

You’d be surprised by the number of activities, excursions and pubs that aren’t dog-friendly, so make sure to do some research before you start making any serious plans.

In the Scottish Highlands, you should be able to find plenty of pubs and walking trails that accommodate our pets.

However, if you do have some plans that aren’t dog-friendly, try to stay close to the cottage and don’t leave your dog alone too long – you wouldn’t want to come back to any nasty surprises to clean up.

There’s always the option to find a local dog sitter, but this would have to be organised in advance.

Best Dog-Friendly Lodges In Scotland

There’s no better place to go for long walks in the countryside than the Scottish Highlands, and most of these walks are perfect for bringing your dogs along.

Some of the closest walks to our Highland Luxury Cottages accommodation are Big Burn Golspie, Littleferry, Loch Fleet and Balblair Wood, Ben Bhraggie Golspie, and the Ord at Lairg. You can also find many other walking trails around the area on Walk Highlands.

Dunrobin Castle is another popular attraction in the area. Although dogs aren’t allowed in the formal gardens, you can still take them to explore the surrounding woodlands, making for a peaceful day out.

Our final recommendation is to visit Lochinver, a small fishing village where you can find small, independent shops – including the famous pie shop, Lochinver Larder. It’s a beautiful area to take a stroll through, and there are several stunning beaches just along the coast road that we think your dog will have lots of fun running around.

Book your dog-friendly holiday with Highland Luxury Cottages

If you – and your dog – are interested in holidaying in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, get in touch with us today and see if any of our cottages are available when you plan to visit.

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